About us

RYMET Roman Rydzyński Sp. J. was founded and entered the steel construction market in 1993. Since then the company has had dynamic growth, growing from a few employees in 1993 to over 30 employees today. During that time, the company has modernized its equipment and processes, which has allowed the company to offer new services and established a strong reputation in the industry.
Due to the company's extensive experience and the high quality of its products, the company has many customers throughout Poland and throughout the rest of Europe.
The company specializes in the production of and mounting of every type of building using industrial black steel. The company is also able to create products using stainless steel and aluminum steel construction methods, which addresses the lack of such services in the local market.
The company is the local dealer of the Wisniowski's Company products, which includes garage and industrial doors, sliding gates, fences and automatic - operation units. The Wisniowski's Company is the largest Polish producer of gates and fences, known for their high quality. The Roman Rydzynski Rymet Company is able to install these high quality products in the local area.
Our workers are highly qualified and experienced, so we can ensure high quality service.
And due to the universality of the company's capacities we can meet any need, from large mass orders to single individual orders.